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Finding Your Family for the Holidays

November 26, 2019

By Andy Greene Family can be amazing. In an ideal situation, family is always there for you, to love and support you. That kind of unconditional love can make all the difference in our lives. Sadly, life isn’t always ideal and for a lot of people the holiday season... more »

Debunking Myths of Men’s Mental Health

November 25, 2019

By Andy Greene Unfortunately there exist many commonly shared myths about men’s mental health. Here are four of them and why they are not true or factual. Myth No. 1: Men just don’t get emotional. One of the most common myths is that men just don’t have or express as... more »

How Men Can Practice Self-Care & Escape “The Man Box”

November 14, 2019

by Andy Greene Self-care is an important skill that anyone can learn, but many struggle with. This holds especially true for men, due to a number of societal and emotional factors, including toxic masculinity. A surprising amount of people, including men, believe that... more »

Mood Food Vol 2: How Inflammation Affects Mental Health

November 11, 2019

by “ChefNurse” Ellen Minier, MSN, PMHNP-BC Depression is a devastating condition, which can effect up to 300 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of disability. 10% of the adult population in the United States is reported to suffer from the... more »

The History Of Treatment for Depression

November 5, 2019

By Andy Greene During the chaotic era that was the middle ages, mental health was not exactly a priority for most people. With even the most rudimentary physical healthcare as bare bones as it was, you can truly imagine just the state of mental health care—i.e. nearly... more »

Is CBD Oil Helpful for Mental Health? Part Two

November 4, 2019

In part one of this article I offered some research and my personal opinions on whether or not CBD oil is useful for mental health. In this second part, I share a brief interview with mental healthcare provider, Katherine Carver, LCSW, who gives us her professional... more »

Sugar Addiction: Some Practical Solutions

October 28, 2019

When I say the word sugar, what comes to mind? For most of us, it’s fond memories of amazing ice cream we’ve enjoyed or that unforgettable cake from our last birthday. Sugar—I’m not afraid to say—is something that almost everyone enjoys. It is a commonly known... more »

Is CBD Oil Helpful for Mental Health? Part One 

October 21, 2019

Have you heard of CBD recently? CBD is the acronym given to the plant molecule “cannabidiol.” The naturally occurring plant chemical was recently legalized through the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 [1]. CBD molecules are naturally made by our bodies when we are... more »

Understanding “Miscarriages” & How to Recover: Part Two

October 15, 2019

By Denise Padilla de Font In part one of this blog post, I discussed the complexities of processing and recovering from a miscarriage. Here, I’ll share more on the emotional process that comes after miscarriage, as well as some less common ways to cope. In part one, I... more »

Understanding “Miscarriages” & How to Recover: Part One

October 14, 2019

By Denise Padilla de Font Being a therapist didn’t spare me from the effect that recurring miscarriages had on my mental health. I had plenty of moments I thought I’d never be whole again, days and nights feeling humbled to the core, weeping, cursing everything I... more »

The Real Failure of “13 Reasons Why”

October 10, 2019

by Beth Shulman, MS, LPC, NCC We all know that images are powerful. That’s why the creators of “13 Reasons Why” originally included a graphic suicide scene in the first season of the show. Their hope was that the explicit details of a teen’s suicide would illustrate... more »

Tropical Storm Isaias is headed towards the Carolinas

Tropical Storm Isaias is headed towards the Carolinas. Please note that we plan to be open for appointments; however, be aware that power outages may be widespread which may impact telehealth and other appointments. We may not know until the last minute in all of our locations on Tuesday. Please be patient. We will waive missed appointment charges on Tuesday, August 4th in light of complications from the weather. If you and your provider are unable to connect, we will reach out to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible.