General Questions

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New Patients

How can I request an appointment?

Call 855-501-1004 or submit a Make an Appointment form.

To find a Mindpath Health location near you, visit

To learn more about our Mindpath Health clinicians, visit

What insurance do you accept?

We work with most commercial insurances to make mental health care accessible and affordable for our patients. To see if your insurance is accepted, call 855-501-1004.

Do we complete disability paperwork?

We are committed to providing compassionate and personalized care for all individuals; however, we do not accept patients seeking treatment for the sole purpose of obtaining disability benefits or patients seeking long-term disability benefits.

Current Patients

How can I get medication refilled?

Medication can be refilled by calling your provider’s office.

How can I make a payment?

If you are in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, or Texas, payments can be made through your patient portal or by calling 877-611-3974.

If you are in California, payments can be made here or by calling 866-681-4869.

Who can I contact with a billing question?

If you are in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, or Texas, call 877-611-3974.

If you are in California, call 866-681-4869.

General Questions

What is the difference between therapy and psychiatry?

Therapy, also called psychotherapy or talk therapy, is a method of treating emotional and mental disorders. Psychotherapists use a range of techniques to create communication and behavioral change. These changes are designed to improve the mental health of a patient. Psychologists, therapists, social workers, counselors, and more, practice psychotherapy.

Psychiatry is a field of medicine that is primarily associated with diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. It is practiced by Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. They can prescribe medications after establishing a diagnosis and need for medications. Often called prescribers, psychiatrists practice psychotherapy and they have earned a medical degree. This expertise allows the psychiatrist to prescribe medication to help treatment mental disorders. This service is known as “medication management.”

Do prescribers always prescribe medication?

No, prescribers do not always prescribe medication. The prescriber will see a patient for an initial evaluation, after which they will recommend a treatment plan to the patient that might include medications, therapy, or both. While they manage your medications, any patient who needs therapy is referred to a therapist to establish additional care.