In 2022, we took our hot girl walks and openly talked about mental health struggles on social media. In this Forbes article, Mindpath Health’s Phylice Kessler, LMHC, discusses what’s on the horizon for 2023.

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In 2022, we took our hot girl walks, ate our greens in powdered form, opened up about mental health struggles on social media, and tried quiet quitting our jobs in the name of less stress. There are a few stand-out strategies that are set to explode in the wellness world—and knowing what’s ahead can help you get a jumpstart on a healthy new routine. 

Exercise Recovery

“This crucial area of wellness started gaining traction this year with the rise of recovery tools like massage therapy guns and air compression boots. Recovery will now be a major focus for gyms and wellness clubs,” said Scott Lutwak, founder, and CEO of Fit Athletic Club. 

Spiritual Wellbeing

“This term refers to a person’s sense of connection to something larger than themselves, such as a higher power, a set of spiritual beliefs, or a sense of meaning and purpose in life. This aspect of wellbeing is often associated with feelings of peace, contentment, and inner harmony, and it can play an important role in overall health and wellness,” said Jenelle Kim, doctor of Chinese medicine. 

Biotech Wellness Tools

“We are going to have more at-home access to blood testing and other assessments that in the past we could only get at doctor’s appointments, and we will be able to directly connect to apps and digital platforms for quicker, more efficient results. Red light therapy devices, microcurrent facial tools, and lasers that people can use at home themselves will be big,” said Alexandria Gilleo, wellness expert, celebrity makeup artist, and founder of My Zen Den. 

Micro Workouts

“Micro workouts are on the rise, evident in the rise of quick, one-minute dances and fitness challenges you find on TikTok. It might include a morning dance with your favorite influencer, a quick set of push-ups and squats before lunch, and an evening yoga session to help you wind down and de-stress,” said Adrian Richardson, senior content strategist for Fitbit at Google. 

Mouth Taping

“Yes, I’m talking about taping your mouth shut at night! Mouth taping forces you to breathe out of your nose at night, which may provide health benefits, such as humidifying the nasal passages,” said Catherine Cabano, CEO and founder of In On Around.

Sleep syncing

“Sleep syncing involves adjusting your sleep cycle to the rhythms of nature (like the sun or moon) and tuning it with your circadian rhythm. Some studies have shown that sleep syncing can help people fall asleep quicker, as well as reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, which are often associated with poor sleep patterns,” said Katherine Hall, PhD. 

Full-day spa visits

“Guests are using the spa facilities and getting treatments for a full-day experience, rather than just coming in for a massage. We’re seeing more frequent requests for add-on spa enhancements to make an entire day out of their visit,” said Erin Downey Stremcha. 

Sober-curious lifestyles

“Being ‘sober curious’ is a trend that will continue to go strong in 2023. More people are attempting to change their relationship with alcohol. We are seeing more restaurants and bars offering mocktails and non-alcoholic alternatives. There are also more adaptogenic drinks on the market to replace alcohol. These drinks use different plants and herbs to help your body adapt to stress and other ailments without alcohol. They help with relaxation, boost your mood, and won’t result in a hangover the next day,” said Phylice Kessler, licensed mental health counselor with Mindpath Health and a certified yoga instructor. 

Mushroom mania

“More consumers will seek ways to increase their mushroom intake for wellness next year, beyond ordering shiitake on a pizza. Functional mushrooms have high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds that support aspects of health, like sleep, memory, and immunity” said Jenna Stangland, MS. 

Women’s healing circles

“Women’s circles are a profound way for women to honor their power while providing uplifting support to one another and connecting in deep and vulnerable ways through shared experience. Through these circles, we will continue to navigate and rise above a world where our rights are challenged daily,” said Shonna Chiles. 

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