Using a telehealth platform to connect with your therapist is easy and convenient. It’s still important to give yourself time to prepare, reflect, and solve any tech issues. Here are some tips to ensure you are ready for your online therapy session.

Online appoinment

Online mental health appointments have skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic began, giving patients greater access to care. While it’s convenient to attend a therapy appointment in the comfort of your own home, for some it’s easy to get distracted.

A little preparation can go a long way in ensuring your appointment is a success. Here are some tips to give your therapy the time and space it needs.

Establish privacy

Find a safe and secure space for your appointment that’s quiet and away from others. Alert others to not disturb you during your appointment.

Confirm details

Know in advance how to log into your appointment. For your first appointment try to log in early so that you can work out any potential technical challenges. If you have questions, follow the instructions in your appointment message.

Technology check

Ensure your device is charged and has a secure internet connection. If you use headphones, make sure they are nearby and charged, if needed.

Gather supplies

If you would like to take notes during your session, make sure you have a journal or paper and a pen ready to go.

Eliminate distractions

Turn off notifications, set phones and other devices to silent, and place them in another room if they are hard to resist. Close down apps, emails, and anything not needed to access your appointment.

Make yourself comfortable

Try to eat before your appointment. Have a glass of water or tea nearby in case you get thirsty. Wear comfortable clothes or have a cozy blanket or box of tissues nearby. Anticipate your needs and do whatever is needed to help you relax.

Jot down thoughts

Spend a few minutes prior to your appointment writing down any questions you may have for your clinician. This is also a good opportunity to reflect on the progress you’ve made.

Once you are ready, take a deep breath and begin.

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