In this Mentally Fit Pro article, Mindpath Health’s Phylice Kessler, LMHC, provides a therapy activity to use with your substance use groups. 

Breaking Down The Serenity Prayer_Phylice Kessler, LMHC_Mindpath Health

These group therapy games and activities can help keep the interest and engagement level up in your substance use groups. 

While prayer does not necessarily equate to religion, some people who are non-religious prefer to call this activity the ‘Serenity Meditation’ instead of the ‘Serenity Prayer’. You can choose whatever format works best for you and your patients.

Here are the steps to this exercise... 

  1.  Ask the group if they know The Serenity Prayer.  
  2. Write it on the board. “Higher Power, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  
  3. Next to that, draw a large circle on the board with enough room to write in and around the circle. Ask the group what the word “serenity” means to them. Common answers are peace, letting go, calm, etc.  
  4. Ask the group to name things they can’t change, and write them on the outside of the circle, such as weather, time, other people’s thoughts and actions, their past, etc.  
  5. Then ask what the word “courage” means to them. Common answers are brave, strength, strong, etc.  
  6. Ask the group to name the things they can change and write those things in the circle. Answers may include their thoughts and actions, their friends, jobs, relationships, etc. Now compare the two (things within the circle and outside the circle).  
  7. Ask the group what happens if they try to control the things outside the circle.  
  8. Then, ask them how they can utilize this knowledge for their recovery. 

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