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Shine: Find Your Light Group

Do you feel trapped and overwhelmed by your own emotions?

Start Date: February 18th

Every Thursday  |  12 noon-1:30pm

Cost: $50 per session

Location: Online via telehealth

This program is particularly helpful if you, or someone you know, tend to resort to unhealthy means of coping with emotions. This includes abusing substances, overworking, overeating or depriving oneself of food, relying too heavily on distraction (e.g. addiction to internet or TV), or self-harm.

Do I have overwhelming emotions?

  • Consider one of the following descriptions:
  • Are you afraid to feel emotions because they are so intense?
  • Do you experience negative emotions (i.e., anger, sadness, anxiety) as powerful waves that sweep you away?
  • Do you try to keep yourself from feeling anything at all with alcohol/drugs, avoidance of conflict, distraction (e.g., playing on IPad too much, shopping, gambling), Self-harm, binging, purging, or restricting?
  • Do your emotions cause problems in your relationships like angry outbursts or fear of loss (e.g., abandonment, rejection)?


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What our Patients Say

I was hesitant about attending a group, as I had never attended a group before, but I am glad I did. The DBT skills group run by Dr. Camp and Dr Kline saved my life from continuing down the destructive path I was on. This group gave me the insight to be able to name my emotions, see where my thoughts originated, and how to effectively cope with said emotions in a healthy and productive manner. This also helped me become interpersonally effective with others. I was able to stop engaging in toxic relationships, which provided me with a lot of peace. If you are reading this- take the DBT skills group.

Program Breakdown

The program is broken down into four different modules, beginning with a compulsory mindfulness workshop. Groups will meet every week to put in place practical, achievable strategies to help you get a handle on your emotions, and to effect meaningful, long-lasting change.

Mindfulness Workshop* – (4 sessions)
The purpose of mindfulness is to develop skills to examine the current situation. Group members will build the ability to be objective and attentive, and will learn skills to be present in the current moment without judgment.

Distress Tolerance – (8 sessions)
The purpose of distress tolerance is to develop skills to accept the current situation. Group members will learn positive coping strategies to deal with painful emotions without losing control or acting destructively.

Emotion Regulation – (8 sessions)
The purpose of emotion regulation is to develop skills to understand the current situation. Group members will learn skills to label emotions, identify obstacles to working through emotions, and increase positive emotions.

Interpersonal Effectiveness – (7 session intervals x 2)
The purpose of interpersonal effectiveness is to develop skills to change the current situation. Group members will learn to ask for what they need, set appropriate and healthy boundaries, and cope effectively with interpersonal conflict.

*Please Note: Group members must successfully complete the mindfulness workshop before enrolling in any other module.

Group Hosts

Jacqueline Camp, PhD, HSP-P

Dr. Camp is a licensed psychologist who earned her Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and has been treating patients for 12 years. She is a caring and authentic therapist, and works from an interpersonal process and feminist perspective. Dr Camp leads groups and workshops focused on emotion regulation (based on DBT) and wholehearted living, and is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator.

Paula Kline, PhD, HSPP

Dr. Kline is a licensed psychologist who received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has been treating patients for 15 years, using an integrative approaching that incorporates dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and an interpersonal, existential process. Dr. Kline is known for her combination of warmth, depth, and authenticity. She leads groups and workshops focused on emotion regulation skills development and whole-hearted living. She is also a Certified Daring Way Facilitator, and a proud member of the Daring Way community.

Shine: Find Your Light Group

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