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Are you looking for a top local therapist in North Carolina but unsure where to look and what to look for?

Many folks don’t know much about mental health providers in their area, but mindcare in many cases can be just as important to your health as caring for the rest of your body. At MindPath, we strive to help people live the happiest life they can. Below is just one of our providers that is offering top mindcare in NC.

Mindpath Health is recognizing leading counselors across our NC offices


Lakiesha Squirewell is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at our Charlotte, NC office.

Ms. Squirewell is fascinated by how the mind and brain work. She has a passion for mental health and strives to reduce the stigma of mental illness. In her work, she looks for any small attainable goals for her patients to achieve, recognizing that treatment is a process and may not be obtained overnight. Lakiesha finds a sense of accomplishment when she sees her patients’ struggles lessen, and they slowly make changes to improve their outcomes and lives. Using a holistic approach and evidence-based care, she takes the time to gather a detailed background assessment from each person who she works with, recognizing that the more she knows about their environment the more she can individualize her approach to fit their specific needs.

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