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Co-Occurring Disorders and Overcoming Addiction

November 20, 2018

A co-occurring disorder, also known as a dual diagnosis, is a mental disorder that combines with substance abuse to compound one’s symptoms and complicate treatment. Over half of all individuals suffering from drug addiction are also believed to have a co-occurring... more »

How to Help a Loved One Struggling with Addiction

October 16, 2018

My name is Crystal and I am an addict. I always have been, and always will be an addict. The difference is that today I am a recovering addict. The reason that I say I am a recovering addict, and not a recovered addict, is that addiction is never something you are... more »

My Relapse

June 20, 2018

A relapse, simply put, is a terrifying experience. One moment you’re riding a high – you’re feeling better than ever. The next, you feel like you’re falling headfirst into a pit of snakes. There are many different types of relapses that people experience. Most... more »

Mental Illness vs. Violence

March 27, 2018

In the wake of the Parkland shooting and the March for Our Lives, we want to quote Slate writer Laura Hayes: “Mentally ill people aren’t killers. Angry people are.” So much of the conversation about school safety and gun violence prevention is being centered around... more »

The Military and Mental Health

August 25, 2017

In the military, you have to become the best version of yourself. What does that mean for soldiers and veterans? For some, the military can be a means to improve their mind and body; for others, it can be a source of stress and isolation; for many, it can be both. And... more »

Strong Silent Suffering: Part Two

July 13, 2017

There is nothing more daunting than the idea that we lack control over our lives. We’d all like to think that our problems are simply symptoms of some external force that can easily be removed, altered, or avoided. This is particularly true with our emotions. Our... more »

Tropical Storm Isaias is headed towards the Carolinas

Tropical Storm Isaias is headed towards the Carolinas. Please note that we plan to be open for appointments; however, be aware that power outages may be widespread which may impact telehealth and other appointments. We may not know until the last minute in all of our locations on Tuesday. Please be patient. We will waive missed appointment charges on Tuesday, August 4th in light of complications from the weather. If you and your provider are unable to connect, we will reach out to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible.